• OFFICE CLEANING – Our experience in daily office cleaning gives us unparalleled expertise in keeping working environments clean, hygienic and to a high standard for the employees. This remains a core part of the service we offer.
  • CARPET CLEANING – We have extensive experience cleaning of all types of carpets and provide high quality services and the best quality of cleaning. All our staff have completed industry training and of course we are fully insured.
  • BUILDERS CLEAN – From redevelopments to new builds, our experts know this can be a messy and intense job. We can offer a professional service for a deeper clean.
  • PRESSURE WASHING – Poorly maintained areas can harm your business reputation , by using industrial pressure washing equipment and rotary surface cleaners, with us onboard we can help your premises make the right impact first time.
  • ROPE ACCESS – We also offer a rope access services which includes the ability to perform Rope Access Cleaning Works upon buildings requiring maintenance and facade regeneration. Ask for brochure for more details.

What makes scrubs cleaning services different from almost every other commercial cleaning company?

All scrubs cleaning services cleaners are trained to achieve the CQC (Care Quality Commission) ‘Clinical Standard’ demanded by medical establishments such as hospitals, clinics and nursing homes, so cleaning standards are far higher than those achieved by the majority of cleaning companies.

Scrubs cleaning services started life in 2010 as most of our cleaning work used to be clinical premises such as doctor’s surgeries and clinics. As we took on more mixed premises such as offices, However we still clean many clinical premises and so all of our cleaning staff (including office cleaning staff) are regularly trained to clean to a high clinical standard.

This makes us no more expensive than a normal cleaning company – but it does help us do a better job which saves you money. How?

A recent study of 2,500 UK businesses showed sick leave accounts for nearly 90% of a company’s absence bill, which also includes absentees such as compassionate leave and industrial action. Sick days now account for £28.8 billion of the UK’s overall £31.1 billion absence bill.

While scrubs cleaning services cannot stop office sickness totally, by a sustained program of clinical standard cleaning – we can dramatically reduce the number of sick days taken by staff, thereby saving you money and increasing efficiency

Bacteria spread quickly which can result in staff absences

Early 2013, a team launched a study in one of the University of Arizona offices involving several dozen coworkers in good health and one “sick” colleague carrying a virus mimicking the flu. Within 12 hours, more than 50 percent of surfaces were contaminated with the virus. They found the office telephone is possibly the dirtiest item in the office with an average of 25, 127 microbes per square inch compared with the office toilet seat which has around 40 germs per square inch. Streptococcus, MRSA and Pseudomonas were just three of around 500 types of bacteria commonly found in offices